CS330 Algorithms

See the Schedule page for the reading assignments, homeworks and their due dates.

About homework submissions:

Please obey the following simple guidelines:

To make it easier for you, I will also accept the hw's up until the class start. To avoid the crowd in the beginning of the class, I'd like to ask you to still try to submit the hws to the submission box up until 10:45am. I will be taking the hw's out from the submission box shortly after that time on my way to the class. If you do not make it to the box before 10:45am, bring the hw to the class. I will stop accepting the hw's when the class starts. If you cannot make it to the class on time, please make sure to submit the hw ahead of time. The late penalty will be exponential in the minutes it is late (2^m-1, where m is the number of minutes you are late - that's one way to learn about the perils of exponential growth J). The reason the penalty is so steep is that I want to discourage you from finishing at the last minute and coming late to class as the result.

Other comment from the grader: the main issue is readability, so for example, if you need to draw something, it is better to do it by hand, than to mess with text formatting of drawing pictures in text files. Please, be sure that if you are hand-writing a hw, then your hand-writing is perfectly clear.

Homeworks and tests statistics:

max possible
standard deviation
max grade received
min grade received
100 62 61 9.7 82.3 43.3
120 73 74 19 114 33
110 45 38 18 92 16
120 73 74 19 114 33
110 45 38 18 92 16
120 60 61 15 98 25
100 75 78 16 93 0
100 66 70 16 89 23
100 71 72 12 90 44
100 70 69 14 94 40
100 71.2 69 15 92 39
100 82 84 8 92 63
100 85 87 11 100 38

"+x" in the table refers to the extra-credit. the average and median are counted only among the non-zero scores (this is especially important when you consider extra credit grades, as many people skip them).

The above statistics was taken at the time of the hw/test. Since some people might be droping the class, the statistics used for final grade computation may be slightly different (usually a couple points higher avgs).

As explained in the class, the extra-credit is never really added to the grade - it is used to justify possible pulling the grade up in border cases.