40% - written assignments
15% - quiz
20% - midterm
25% - final

Incompletes will not be given.

Homeworks may have different weights.

Late assignments:

No late assignments will be accepted.

I am sorry to be harsh, but I would like to be fair and I or the TF also typically will discuss the solutions to the problems on the day they are due - while the problems are still fresh in your minds.

Regrading Policy:

  1. If you submit the wrong file or a file with the wrong filename, this includes submission of an empty directory, submission of an executable, etc., then 50% will be taken off from your original grade. Note: In such cases you will be required to show a proof that your source file has a last modification date prior to the submission deadline. Note: attempts to cheat on this will be reported. See Academic Conduct.
  2. If you ask to regrade your homework and the grader finds no basis for your complaint, then 10 points will be taken off your original grade. Note: This is not to say that we discourage you from disputing your grade, but rather we encourage you to read and understand the comments of the grader before complaining.

Under no circumstances should you be copying or using the work of others.
It is fine to discuss problems (in general terms) with others, but the specifics of a solution and all of the writing should be done without any collaboration. (See also Academic Conduct)

This policy will be strictly enforced, however if your case does not fall neatly into one of these categories, it will be handled separately, and will possibly be included in a revised version of this policy.