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Call for Contributions


One of the main purposes of the CRI’07 PI meeting is for participants to share their experiences in setting up and managing their research infrastructures, and also to present significant outcomes, ranging from discipline-specific advances, to impact on the research agendas of individual faculty members, to broader impacts at the departmental, institutional, or national levels.


As in prior years, each PI is required to submit a 5-page report to be included in the workshop proceedings, and submitted to NSF as an addendum to the workshop final report and recommendations (which will be developed by participants in break-out sessions during the afternoons of June 4th and 5th). 


PIs are also asked to submit a short one-paragraph abstract in which they describe what they plan to include in their reports, and potentially present to participants during the workshop. These abstracts will be used to plan the various sessions and presentations of the workshop (including the selection of presentation speakers).



Important Dates

  • Abstract Due Date: May 4th 2007

  • Full Report Due Date: May 25th 2007


Themes for Abstracts and Reports

THEME 1: Development and Management of Institutional Research Infrastructures

  • Novel and/or unique planned infrastructures targeting specific applications or domains

  • Best practices and lessons learned from mature project

  • Managing research infrastructures beyond support period

THEME 2: Development of Human Resources

  • Best practices and lessons learned in the development of members of under-represented groups

  • Collaboration models for connecting minority-serving institutions with research institutions

  • Experience and/or best practices in faculty development

THEME 3: Development of National Community Resources, Infrastructures and Testbeds

  • On-going efforts in building national testbeds or community resources

  • Experiences in using/leveraging/complementing national community resources

THEME 4: CRI as a catalyst for advances in research and development

  • Examples of advances in basic research that resulted from infrastructure acquisition

  • Examples of inter/intra-disciplinary collaborations that resulted from infrastructure acquisition

  • Examples of technology transfer/commercialization that resulted from infrastructure acquisition

THEME 5: Role of Research Infrastructure in Education and Training

  • Novel approaches to leveraging research infrastructures for curricular or pedagogical purposes

  • Experience and/or novel approaches in using research infrastructures for training graduate students

THEME 6: Research Methodology

  • Impact of infrastructure acquisition on department culture, visibility, and research portfolio

  • Best practices and pitfalls in experimental computer science research



Submission Instructions

Submit Abstract Abstract Submission (Deadline: May 4, 2007)


Abstracts must be submitted in plain ASCII and must be no longer than 200 words. Each abstract should have a descriptive title and should indicate the name of the investigator who will be presenting the work (in case  the award is selected for presentation).


To submit an abstract, please visit the abstract submission page.




Submit ReportReport Submission (Deadline: May 25, 2007)


Unlike prior years, the content of the 5-page report for each award does not have to follow a prescribed recipe. Rather, PIs are asked to produce a report that addresses one (or more) of a number of themes (described above) as they apply to their projects.


Please note that the purpose of the report is to inform NSF and fellow PIs of unique or interesting aspects of your project’s outcomes so far. In particular, the report should not be an extended abstract of your proposal, or a description of the acquired infrastructure, or a mere version of your annual report. Rather, it should pick one or more of the themes (described above) and discuss outcomes (or expected outcomes for new proposals) along these dimensions.


The format of the 5-page report is fairly flexible as long as it complies with the following:

  • Each report must start with a preamble that states clearly the award number, award title, name of institution(s), PI/PD, and co-PI(s).

  • The report should be formatted for printing on 8.5x11 paper (portrait) and should be submitted in PDF or PostScript formats.

  • Pages should not be numbered and should have reasonable margins to allow for binding and for the addition of page numbers.

To submit the report, please visit the report submission page.


If you would like to check examples from prior year reports, please refer to the NSF-CRI'06 Proceedings. However, please note that as described above, for 2007, PIs are encouraged to report on any aspects of their projects (e.g., one or more of the themes described above), without having to conform to a specific template (e.g., abstract, motivations, goals, infrastructure description, etc.) 

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Updated On: April 27, 2007