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Session 1: Highlights from CRI Awards

Monday June 4th (11:00am-12:30pm)


Presentations in this session, which span all the six themes of the workshop, are intended to allow participants to take note of particularly interesting outcomes from CRI projects and to appreciate the scope of relatively new ones. Projects included in this session will also have posters on display throughout the workshop for participants to find out more.


  • An Open Linguistic Infrastructure for American English

    Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton U)


  • Videoweb - A Network of Video Cameras for Research and Teaching

    Bir Bhanu (UC, Riverside)


  • Developing a Multimedia Laboratory for Studying Computer-Mediated Collaborative Behavior

    Susan Fussell (CMU)


  • Outcomes and Expectations for ATLAS Support and Development

    R. Clint Whaley (UT, San Antonio)


  • Shaping the PRISM: Development of CCNY Wireless Sensor NEetwork Testbed

    Jizhong Xiao and Myung Lee (CUNY)

  • Building the Next-Generation Global Routing Monitoring System

    Daniel Massey (Colorado State U) and Lan Wang (Memphis U)

  • CitySense: An Open, Urban-Scale Sensor Network Testbed

    Matt Welsh (Harvard U) and Joshua Bers (BBN)


  • Novel hardware infrastructure for Data Stream Operations

    Divyakant Agrawal (UCSB)


  • Robust Scene Analysis In A Network of Imaging and Non-imaging Sensors

    Ertem Tuncel and Amit Roy-Chowdhury (UC, Riverside)


  • IREMA: An Interdisciplinary Research Environment for Movement Analysis

    Gang Qian (Arizona State U)


  • Programming Models and Algorithms for Relaxed Synchronization on Many-Core Platforms

    Suresh Jagannathan (Purdue U)


  • Computer Architecture's Virtuous Cycle of Innovation

    Mark Hill (U of Wisconsin)


  • Taking the "Radio" out of Software Defined Radio

    Kapil Dandekar (Drexel U)


  • Development of Cell Libraries to Support VLSI Research and Education

    Dong Ha (Virginia Tech)


  • The Impact of NSF Funding on Sensor Network Research and Education at Wright State U

    Bin Wang (Wright State U)

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Updated On: April 27, 2007