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Session 3: PI Presentations

Tuesday June 5th (9:00am-10:30am)


Presentations in this session address three of the workshop's themes: (1) Experiences in the development and management of institutional research infrastructures, (2) the role of such infrastructures in education and training, and (3) the development of human resources, including outreach to under-represented and under-served groups.

  • UC Berkeley Wireless Research Infrastructure

    Borivoje Nikolic (UC, Berkeley)


  • Characterization of Signal-based Automated Information Processing in Distributed Systems

    Domingo Rodriguez (UPRM)


  • Visualization and Graphics Research With Graduate and Undergraduate Students

    John Fernandez (TAMU)


  • Pathways in Computer Science

    Enrico Pontelli and Inna Pivkina (New Mexico State U)


  • Forging Interdisciplinary Alliances to Diversify the Curriculum and Improve the Culture

    Virginia Teller (CUNY)

  • Democratizing Access to Adaptive, On-demand Weather Forecasting

    David Wise and Beth Plale (Indiana U)

Home Program Logistics Accommodations

Updated On: April 27, 2007