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NSF-CRI'07 Breakout Session

June 4, 2007

How should we/NSF value the various publication venues in Computing?


In the evaluation both of tenure dossiers and of NSF proposals, we academics are asked to weigh the significance of the products of research---often somewhat removed from our own area of expertise. As technology alters the media of publication, more venues become available. But as things change, the problems of evaluation remains the same. A critical question that should be revisited is how we should evaluate a publication and its venue. Where should we tell our students to publish? Possible answers: Citation counts, for example by: ISI/Thomson Science Citation Index? ACM or IEEE DL? Google Scholar? Citeseer? Journal (refereed with author/editor conversation and without time limit)? Publisher's imprimatur? Which publisher? Permanent archive with stewardship by librarians. Conference (with minimal conversation and with time limit)? Ratio of accepted papers to submissions. Census of registrants at the conference? Relative to number of parallel sessions? Length of presentation? Permanently archived. Workshops (small audience) versus flagship conference (big audience)? Permanently archived? Presence in Digital Libraries? (Whose?) Crawled by search engines? (Whose?) Indexed by citation indices? (Whose?) Digital Object Identifier? Self-commented servers (Self-blogging online venues like Ginsparg servers.) Technical Reports. Bathroom walls.

Session Leader and Moderator: David Wise, Indiana University

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Updated On: April 27, 2007