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NSF-CRI'07 Breakout Session

June 4, 2007

Supporting Sponsored Research at Minority Institutions

Minority institutions often face difficulties in attracting funding to support either on-going research, or help in establishing a successful research program. Building research collaborations with other institutions is one way to build research capacity. The NSF Minority Institutions Infrastructure (MII) program was effective in building research programs at numerous minority-serving institutions. Unfortunately, this program has been phased out and merged into the CRI program. Another effective program is the NSF CISE Broadening Participation in Computing program that targets building alliances to increase the number of persons from traditionally underserved groups who are in the area of computing. Questions to be addressed in this breakout session include: Is nurturing research in minority institutions a continued goal of the CRI community? How can one build meaningful research collaborations? What initiatives can NSF take to enhance its successes towards these goals? What other initiatives can be taken (in addition to these currently available under NSF)?

Session Leader and Moderator: Luc Longpre, University of Texas at El Paso

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Updated On: April 27, 2007