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CS 440/640 Lecture Materials: AI Research at Boston University

AI at BU: University-wide AI Research Initiative

My AI Research Groups:

1) AI & Emerging Media at BU
We just received two prestigious awards:

2) Image and Video Computing Group in CS

3) Robotics: Neuroscience-Inspired Perception, Navigation, and Spatial Awareness for Autonomous Robots
We just received a large grant involving BU and MIT.

My Specific Research Groups:

Camera Mouse

Brain Image Analysis Group (SAR)

Ear Biometrics Research Group (MED)

Improving Student Learning: Video analysis of facial expressions (Amherst and Worcester)

Arabic Documents & Blind Individuals (Egypt)

ExerciseCheck (SAR, Hariri)

Previous Research

Medical Image Analysis and and Lung Cancer Detection

Cell image analysis project

Video analysis of group behavior of animals and ecology. Update: Need students interested in drone flight analysis.

Proficio: Robotic arm for physical therapy.

Margrit Betke, Professor
Computer Science Department
Boston University
111 Cummington Street (campus map)
Boston, MA 02215
Email: betke @ bu.edu
URL: http://www.cs.bu.edu/faculty/betke
Phone: 617-353-8919