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CS 440/640 Lecture Materials: AI Successes


Home appliances: Roomba, robotic vacuum cleaner.
Assembly line robots: ABB or RobotWorx

Tour guide robots

Boston Dynamics Robots

Project Aiko, a humanoid robot.

Computer Vision

Machine Vision Inspection, e.g. Omron or Cognex, (Natick, MA)

Face Recognition. First success: ViiSAGE Face Recognition. Now industry leader: NEC Face Recognition

Microscopy image analysis, e.g., for embryology or human semen analysis, Proiser

Optical Character Recognition: Edit, convert, and compare scanned documents and "born-digital" PDFs

Search by Image: Google Image. First success: Boston University's Image Rover.

Search by Video: Google Video.

Intelligent vehicles: MobileEye Lane Departure

Entertainment & Gaming

Mary 1997: Deep Blue and Chess,

February 2011: Watson, IBM's Jeopardy! (= American TV quiz show) playing computing system. Now used for legal and medical research.

March 2016: Google's AI won the game Go: AlphaGo

Expert Systems for Healthcare

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) for Hospitals: In 2017, IBM bought Merge Healthcare Inc (which bought Boston-based Amicas in 2010) and their PACS system.


Watson helping to fight cancer

Assistive Technologies: Camera Mouse

Speech Recognition and Intelligent Personal Assistants

Some history: Emacs "M-x doctor" and the Eliza Chat bot

Early Speech Recognition: Dragon Naturally Speaking. Now Nuance Intelligent Virtual Assistant" Newton, MA.

Intelligent Personal Assistants:

  1. Siri: "Hey, Siri"
  2. Google Home: "Ok Google"
  3. Amazon Alexa: "Echo" or "Alexa"

Notable alumni/ae who were my research advisees:

Angshuman Bagchi: AI Tools & Back-end Infrastructure

Danna Gurari: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Human Computation, Assistive Technology

Mehrnoosh Sameki: Data Science & Crowdsourcing

Diane Theriault: Video Analysis of Group Behavior, 3D Tracking, Microscopy Imaging

Jingbin Wang: Artificial Intelligence Products

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