CS 585 Lecture Materials

Lecture 1

Computer Vision Successes:

Machine Vision Inspection, e.g. Omron or Cognex, (Natick, MA)

Adobe Optical Character Recognition

Assembly line robots: ABB

Face Recognition: 2020 Article. Historic system: ViiSAGE

Watson to Gain Ability to "See."

Microscopy, e.g., for embryology or human semen analysis, Proiser.

Intelligent vehicles: MobileEye Lane Departure, Highway Scene Analysis

Search by Image: Google, Boston University's Image Rover

Search by Video Google

Assistive Technologies: Camera Mouse

Interactive Retail Experiences & Museums Sensing Place Interactive

Entertainment & Gaming: J Allard and the Xbox, controlling a humanoid robot with Microsoft Kinect.

Challenges in Computer Vision Research and Development

Make all of the above better. And, for example,

Medical Image Analysis and Cancer detection

Cell image analysis

Group behavior of animals

Assistive technology

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