BU GRS CS 979: Directed Study in Image and Video Computing


Directed study in image and video computing research. Participants complete a research project that is approved by the faculty supervisor. Participants attend weekly reading group to discuss relevant literature from the field. Reading topics vary each semester, depending on student interest.

Reading Group Meetings:

See Image and Video Computing Group webpage.


Margrit Betke
Room MCS-286, phone 353-6412
E-mail: betke@cs.bu.edu

Stan Sclaroff
Room MCS-279, phone 353-8928
E-mail: sclaroff@cs.bu.edu


Permission of the instructor

Previous exposure to image and video computing, computer graphics, and/or image processing. Mathematics through calculus of partial differential equations, matrices and linear spaces, and a familiarity with basic probability.


Each participant is expected to complete a research project. Ideally, this project will target a specific problem relevant to the graduate student's own research interests. Participant and instructor work together to define and focus the project. Project reports are due at the last seminar meeting, and will be evaluated based upon both an oral presentation (or demo) and a written report.

The report should include:

  1. introduction and motivation
  2. analysis of relevant literature and previous research, and how it relates to the project
  3. problem definition, including project goals, assumptions, constraints, and evaluation criteria
  4. details of proposed approach, with sufficient mathematical and algorithmic detail to allow someone else to duplicate your results
  5. implementation details
  6. objective experimental evaluation and/or sound theoretical proof of proposed approach's performance w.r.t. problem definition
  7. discussion and conclusions

Margrit Betke
Last updated: September 1, 2002