The class presentations for my CS 591 seminar, "Algorithmic Aspects
of Computer Networks," will be held this afternoon from 1-5 in 
MCS 135 (1-3) and MCS 137 (3-5).  All students and faculty from the 
department are invited.  The approximate schedule of events follows: 

Time          Speaker                      Title

1:00       Scott Russell          "Dynamic Bloom Filters"

1:15      Anna Karpovsky       "An Indexing Mechanism with a 
            & Xun Yuan              Worst Case Guarantee"

1:30        Ryan Mahon        "Unbiased Bloom Filters for the 
		          Compression of Comparative Statistical Data"

1:45      Dhiman Barman          "Active Network Accounting 
        & Manish Raj Sharma         Using Bloom Filters"

Break 1

2:30      Weichao Ma         "Fine-tuned Attenuated Bloom Filters"
         & Ashok Maram

2:45     Marwan Fayed          "A Content-Addressable Whirlwind"

3:00     Jef Considine         "Scalable Peer-to-Peer Indexing 
	 & Tom Florio                with Constant State

3:15      Vishal Sood       "Connectivity and Routing in Wireless Networks: 
				      A Physics Approach"

3:30       Peng Xie             "Optimized Spanning Trees for
				     End System Multicast"

Break 2

4:00     Trevor Macdowell    "Cabinet: A Topologically Sensitive 
                                  Peer-to-Peer Construction"

4:15    SuYan Zeng and       "Web Information Searching with 
	 Wenze Yang                 Category Trees"

4:30     Anukool Lakhina     "Discovering Graphs from End to End

4:45      Mina Guirguis        "Trade-offs in Routing Inside a 
				   d-dimensional Torus"