To God obedient, O Muse,
Demand no wreath, fear no abuse.
Remain to praise and slander cool,
And do not argue with a fool.
   - A.Pushkin.

Leonid Levin's home page

Append cont.htm to this page's address bar for link to my contact info. Click for my old research overview , selected articles with pointers to some follow-ups, or C V.

My expository articles for non-specialists related to my research: Holographic Proofs (for Encyclopedia of Math.) and Randomness and Nondeterminism (International Congress of Math., invited addresses, 1995). A simple explanation of Robinson's aperiodic tilings (or a local copy). My Theory of Computation lecture notes.
My STOC 6/23/2021 talk on inversion problems.

To try to win $$ 1,000,000 by solving a problem related to my work (one of the seven "Millennium Math Problems") click here.
Some of my bio and explanations of what I am out of, can be found in this book:

Click to get outraged by my opinions on all sorts of things, be it democracy or quantum computers , taxes or Goedel Theorem.

The best lesson life has taught me is that the idiots in many cases are right.    -W. Churchill