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Fundamentals of Computing Systems

Homework Assignments:

Homework assignments constitute an important part of this course. They are designed to help you understand the materials covered in lectures and in assigned readings. It is only by doing the homework that you really learn the material. Homework assignments will NOT be weighted equally and problems within homework assignments may also vary in their relative weights. Harder/longer homework assignments will constitute a larger percent of the combined grade for all homework assignments.

Some of the problems in the homework assignments may require programming. Students will be expected to tackle problems that expose them to challenges centered around topics such as performance evaluation, modeling and simulation, and concurrent programming.

Where appropriate, homeworks are to be submitted via the slotted homework box, labeled ``CS-350 / Drop Box'', in the hall outside of MCS 137.  All homeworks are due before the start of lecture on the deadline date, unless otherwise stated.

A late homework must be time-stamped by a CS Office staff and left in the Teaching Fellow's mailbox (i.e. NEITHER in the Drop Box NOR in my Mailbox). Do not hand in your homework in class or during office hours. Do not hand in your homework by slipping them under the office door of the instructor.

There will be a penalty of 25% for a homework handed in one class late, and of 50% for a homework handed in one week late. You may hand in part of the homework by the deadline to avoid the penalty on that part. No homework will be accepted if late by more than one week. There will be NO exceptions to this policy, other than for religious holidays and certified medical excuses. In such cases, extensions will be granted only if (and until) the homework solutions are posted (hopefully, about 1 week after the original due date).