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Computer Science Department
College of Arts and Sciences

Fundamentals of Computing Systems

Course Lectures:
Class participation and course attendance will account for 5% of the final class grade. Questions are eoncouraged during lecture time. Significantly, asking questions is an essential aspect of education so do not be afraid by what  you may think is a "stupid question". If you have reason to ask, chances are there will be others in the class who will be glad you asked the question.

Course Discussion Sections:
If you are taking this class then you need to sign up for a weekly one-hour discussion session. Please check the course web page for the coordinates of your teaching fellow and of the place/time of the discussion sections.

The teaching fellow will be leading the discussion sessions. Materials covered in the discussion sessions will either be elaborations on topics covered in the lectures, or complementary information to help reinforce the concepts being taught. Discussion sessions will be the venue used to answer any questions (or provide clarifications) regarding the homework assignments.

If (for some reason) you miss (or cannot make) the discussion section for which you are signed up, then please make sure to attend another one in the same week.

Office Hours:
You should come to the Instructor and/or Teaching Fellow's office hours with your questions well prepared.

Office hours are NOT meant to be tutoring sessions; they are meant to answer specific questions about the material covered in lectures, discussion sections, and textbook(s). Questions like "could you repeat your explanation of ..." or "I do not understand section ... of the textbook" should be asked in the lecture and/or discussion sections.

Mailing List:
There is a course mailing list. Further information will be made available in class. You should check email regularly, for updates and information concerning the course. You are free to use the mailing list to ask general questions, or to share useful information with the class. However, the class mailing list should not be abused. Typical rules applying to mailing list and newsgroup etiquette apply. Do not use the mailing list to disseminate spam, abusive remarks and so forth. Similarly, discretion is advisable when deciding to post a message, especially if you feel it may reveal answers to homework questions, or impact other class participants.