January 15

Introductory Comments







January 20

A Bird's Eye View of Systems and System Abstractions

Lecture notes part 1
and part 2


January 22

Performance Metrics of Computing Systems

Lecture notes on performance metrics and evaluation






January 27

Elementary Probability Analysis

Introductory notes on probability


January 29

Probability Distributions and Expectations

Notes on probability distributions as modeling tools

Homework 1





February 3

Elementary Queueing Analysis: The M/M/1 Queueing Model

Notes on M/M/1 queueing analysis


February 5

M/M/1 Queue Analysis cont'd

February 10

Empirical Performance Evaluation: Discrete Event Simulation

Notes on discrete event simulations

Homework 1 due

February 12

Elementary Statistics: Sampling, Estimation, and Confidence Intervals

Notes on sampling and confidence intervals

Homework 2

February 17

-- No Class --
Substitute Monday Schedule

February 19

Elementary Queueing Analysis: Variations on queuing models

Notes on queueing model variations


February 24

Elementary Queueing Analysis: Queuing Networks and Case Studies

Notes on queueing networks


February 26

Queueing analysis examples

Homework 2 (part 1) due at 3pm via drop-box or gsubmit

March 3

Resource Management: Scheduling Fundamentals

Scheduling (background)

Homework 2 (part 2) due at 11:59pm via gsubmit

March 5

Resource Management: Basic Scheduling Algorithms

Scheduling basics (part 1)

Homework 3

March 10

-- Spring Recess --

March 12

-- Spring Recess --

March 17

Resource Management: Real-Time and Priority-Based Scheduling Algorithms

Scheduling basics (part 2)

Real-time scheduling notes

Homework 3 due (3pm in drop box or via gsubmit)

March 19

Resource Management: State-Sensitive (I/O) Scheduling Algorithms

I/O Scheduling

March 24

In-class Exam

Zipfile of class notes up to Spring Break for help with exam preparation

March 26

Resource Management: Group Scheduling and Fairness

Updated slides on resource management

March 31

Principles of Concurrency and Process Synchronization

Intro notes to concurrency & synchronization

Homework 4

April 2

Mutual Exclusion: Synchronization Algorithms

Notes on the Bakery algorithm and N-process synchronization

Additional slides on mutual exclusion (part 1)

April 7

Mutual Exclusion: Semaphores  and their implementation

Notes on semaphores and OS-support for synchronization

April 9

Mutual Exclusion: Producer/Consumer and Reader/Writer Problems

Additional slides on mutual exclusion (part 2)

Homework 4 due (3pm in drop box or via gsubmit)

April 14

Classical Synchronization: Dining Philosophers Problem

Example synchronization problems

Programming project

April 16

Programming assignment discussion

Data file for use with programming project
(use `gzip -dc filename | tar xvf -` to extract contents)

April 21

Deadlock management

April 23

-- No Class --
Substitute Monday Schedule

April 28

Deadlocks continued
Slides on deadlocks

Background reading

April 30


Wrap-up notes

Formula Sheet for Exam