Course Description

Survey of advanced modeling, rendering, and animation algorithms. Emphasis is on both the implementation issues and the underlying theory. Topics include: photorealistic image synthesis, modeling of natural objects and phenomena, realistic character animation, computer aided design, virtual reality, and advanced computer-human interface techniques.


CS 480/680, or approval of instructor.


Tuesday and Thursday, 6-7:30pm in room MCS 149


Stan Sclaroff,
Office Hours: Tue 5-6pm, Thu 5-6pm, Fri 10-11am or by appointment (send e-mail)
Office: MCS 279, 111 Cummington St
Office Phone: 353-8928

Required Texts

Watt and Watt, Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques: Theory and Practice , Addison-Wesley, ISBN: 0201544121.

Required Online Reading

Physics and constraint-based animation methods:

  1. Physically-Based Animation Techniques
  2. A few sections from Numerical Recipes in C

Optional Texts (not required)

  1. Ebert, Musgrave, Peachey, Worley, and Perlin, Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach,  third edition, AP Professional,  ISBN 0122287304.
  2. Glassner (editor), An Introduction to Ray Tracing, Academic Press, ISBN 0122862604.
  3. Cohen and Wallace, Radiosity and Realistic Image Synthesis, AP Professional, ISBN 0122861604.
  4. Jensen, Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping, AK Peters Ltd, ISBN 1568811470.
  5. Gooch and Gooch, Non-Photorealistic Rendering, AK Peters Ltd, ISBN 1568811330.


Participants complete a series of programming projects. For specific due dates see the course schedule.