Prospective Students

I am not recruiting new students at this time.

Current Graduate Students

Qi (Fred) Feng (PhD student, coadvised with Vitaly Ablavsky)  
Ping Hu (PhD student, coadvised with Kate Saenko)
Donghyun Kim (PhD student, coadvised with Kate Saenko)  
Nataniel Ruiz (PhD student, coadvised with Sarah Bargal)

Past Graduate Students and Postdocs

Vitaly Ablavsky PhD, 2011. Research Staff at Applied Physics Lab, U. of Washington.
Jonathan Alon PhD, 2006. Senior Computer Vision Researcher at Motorola Solutions
Vassilis Athitsos PhD, 2006. On the faculty at University of Texas, Arlington.
Qinxun Bai PhD, 2016. On research staff at Hikvision Research America.
Sarah Adel Bargal PhD, 2018. Postdoc 2018-19 (co-advised with Kate Saenko). On the faculty at Boston University.
Dan Buzan Masters Degree, 2003. Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP.
Fatih Cakir PhD, 2017. Data Scientist at FirstFuel Software.
R. Gokberk Cinbis Masters Degree, 2010. PhD, INRIA. On faculty at METU.
Murat Erdem PhD, 2008. Computer Vision Engineer at Amazon Robotics.
Kun He PhD, 2018. Research Scientist, Facebook Reality Labs.
Nazli Ikizler Cinbis Postdoc, 2008-2010. On faculty at Hacettepe University.
Antonio Hernandez Vela Visiting PhD student, 2014-2015. Univ. Barcelona. Computer Vision Engineer with Gestoos.
John Isidoro PhD, 2004. Research staff at Google.
Ajjen Joshi PhD, 2018 coadvised with Margrit Betke. Research Staff, Affectiva.
Siripong Kaewyou Masters Degree, 1995.
Marco La Cascia Postdoc, 1996-99. On faculty at University of Palermo.
Rui Li PhD, 2009. Research Scientist at Facebook.
Lifeng Liu PhD, 2000. Architect at FutureWei Technologies.
Liliana Lo Presti Postdoc, 2011-13. On faculty at University of Palermo.
Shugao Ma PhD, 2016. Research staff at Oculus Research, Pittsburgh.
Hani Mawlawi Masters Degree, 1996. Director, Lebanon Science Technology Park. Lecturer at AZM Univ.
Walter Nunziati Visiting PhD Student, 2004-05. PhD Univ. of Florence. Founder, Magenta srl.
Bryan A. Plummer Postdoc, 2018-19, coadvised with Kate Saenko. On the faculty at Boston University.
Romer Rosales PhD, 2002. Director of Artificial Intelligence/Relevance at LinkedIn.
Saratendu Sethi Masters Degree, 2000. Head, AI and Machine Learning R&D at SAS.
Matheen Siddiqui Masters Degree, 2002. PhD, USC. Senior Computer Vision Scientist at Nantworks.
Leon Sigal Masters Degree, 1999. PhD, Brown Univ. On faculty at Univ. of British Columbia.
Luke Skelly Masters Degree, 2007. Technical staff at MIT Lincoln Lab.
Alexandra Stefan Masters Degree, 2008. On faculty at Univ. of Texas at Arlington.
Leonid Taycher Masters Degree, 1997. PhD, MIT. Now Head of Knowledge at Kensho Technologies.
Ashwin Thangali PhD, 2013. On research staff at Vecna Technologies.
Tai-Peng Tian PhD, 2011. Senior Researcher at Apple AI Research.
Javier Flavio Vigueras Postdoc, 2010-11. On faculty at Univ. Autonoma de San Luis Potosi.
Rob Truxler Masters Degree, 2012. Technical Manager - Restaurants at TripAdvisor.
Jared Wickman Masters Degree, 2007. Software Engineer at S&P Global Market Intelligence.
Hanxiao Wang Postdoc, 2017-19 coadvised with Vanketesh Saligrama. Now with Onfido, ltd. London, UK.
Hee Deok Yang Visiting PhD Student, 2005-06. On faculty at Chosun Univ.
Quan Yuan PhD, 2009. Research staff at Apple.
Jianming Zhang PhD, 2016. Research staff at Adobe Research.
Jing Zhong Masters Degree, 2004. Software Engineer at Amicas.
Andrea Zunino Visiting PhD Student, 2016-17. PhD and postdoc at Italian Institute of Technology.