Computer Science Links


bulletNon-Profit Organizations and Societies:
bulletACM: Association for Computing Machinery
bulletIEEE: The Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers
bulletIEEE Computer Society
bulletIEEE Communications Society
bulletAAAI: American Association for Artificial Intelligence
bulletCRA: Computing Research Association Home Page
bulletNAS: The National Academy of Sciences
bulletNRC: The National Research Council
bulletCPSR: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
bulletCSPP: Computer Systems Policy Project
bulletHPCC: High Performance Computing and Communications NCO
bulletFOCUS: Federation on Computing in the United States
bulletIFIP: International Federation for Information Processing
bulletSIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
bulletVLDB: The Very Large Data Bases Endowment
bulletOSF: Open Software Foundation
bulletISCA: International Society for Computers and their Applications
bulletACL: Association for Computational Linguistics
bulletAMS: American Mathematical Society
bulletINNS: International Neural Network Society
bulletThe Internet Society
bulletThe Association for Women in Computing


bulletResearch Labs:
bulletApple Research Labs
bulletAT&T Research Laboratories
bulletBell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
bulletCray Research Inc.
bulletDigital Equipment Corporation Research Labs
bulletGTE Laboratories
bulletHP Laboratories
bulletIBM Research and Labs
bulletMitsubishi Electric Research Labs
bulletNASA Research Centers
bulletMatsushita Research Labs
bulletMicrosoft Research
bulletThe Mitre Corporation
bulletOSF Open Group Research Institute
bulletSoftware Engineering Institute
bulletSun Microsystems Laboratories
bulletSRI Engineering Research
bulletXerox Research Laboratories


bulletStandards, Task Forces, and Watch Groups:
bulletNIST: National Institute of Science and Technology
bulletMerit Networks Incorporated
bulletIETF: Internet Engineering Task Force
bulletEFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation
bulletPI: Privacy International
bulletIPC: Internet Privacy Coalition
bulletIMC: Internet Mail Consortium
bulletNCSA: National Computer Security Association
bulletDFC: Digital Future Coalition
bulletThe ATM Forum
bulletThe World-Wide Web Consortium


bulletFunding Agencies:
bulletThe National Science Foundation: News; CISE; Forms; Fastlane.
bulletDARPA: Information Technology Office
bulletArmy Research Lab
bulletOffice of Naval Research
bulletAir Force Office of Scientific Research: Rome Labs
bulletIntel Research Council


bulletIndustry Leaders:
bulletIBM: International Business Machines
bulletSun Microsystems
bulletDEC: Digital Equipment Corporation
bulletSGI: Silicon Graphics Inc
bulletApple Computers
bulletIntel Corporation
bulletMicrosoft Corporation
bulletNCD: Network Computing Devices
bulletHP: Hewelt Packard
bulletThinking Machines Corporation
bulletXerox Corporation
bulletAmdahl Corporation
bulletBBN Corporation
bulletFore Corporation
bulletRSA Data Security Inc.


bulletAcademic Departments in the Greater Boston Area and New England:
bulletBoston University, Computer Science Department
bulletMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory of Computer Science
bulletHarvard University, Computer Science Department
bulletBoston University, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
bulletWorcester Politechnic Institute, Computer Science Department
bulletTufts University, Electrical and Computer Science Department
bulletUniversity of Massachusetts at Amherst, Computer Science Department
bulletUniversity of Massachusetts at Boston, Computer Science Department
bulletUniversity of Massachusetts at Lowell, Computer Science Department
bulletNortheastern University, College of Computer Science
bulletSuffolk University, Mathematics and Computer Science Department
bulletBoston College, Computer Science Department
bulletAmherst College, Computer Science Department
bulletBrown University, Computer Science Department
bulletYale University, Computer Science Department
bulletUniversity of Connecticut, Computer Science and Engineering Department
bulletUniversity of Rhode Island, Computer Science and Statistics Department


bulletResearch and Industry Centers in the Greater Boston Area:
bulletDEC Cambridge Research Lab
bulletMitsubishi Electric Research Lab
bulletDraper Laborarories
bulletGTE Laboratories
bulletLotus Research


bulletSpecial Interest Groups:
bulletReal-Time Systems Page by IEEE-CS TC-RTS
bulletBISC - Special Interest Group: Database Mining
bulletThe CONCURRENCY Mailing List Archives


bulletConferences and Events:
bulletIEEE-CS Call for Papers
bulletIEEE-CS Calendar of Upcoming Conferences and Workshops
bulletACM Calendar of Upcoming Conferences and Workshops


bulletOn-Line Technical Publications, Indices, and Bibliographies:
bulletScience Citation Index (Access Restricted)
bulletWWW Virtual Library on Computing
bulletACM Computing Research Repository
bulletNetworked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
bulletUnified CS Technical Reports
bulletComputer Science Bibliography Glimpse Server
bulletThe Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
bulletThe Directory of Computing Science Journals
bulletIEEE Conference Abstracts
bulletThe ACM Digital Library
bulletMIT LCS Reading Room
bulletComputing Research News On-Line
bulletUncover OnLine Article Delivery System
bulletNational Academy Press On-Line
bulletThe Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
bulletBibliographies on Theory/Foundations of Computer Science


bulletTechnical Journals:
bulletACM Digital Library
bulletACM Computing Surveys
bulletACM Computing Reviews
bulletACM Collected Algorithms
bulletACM, Journal of the
bulletACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics
bulletACM Transactions on Computer Systems
bulletACM Transactions on Database Systems
bulletACM Transactions on Graphics
bulletACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems
bulletACM Transactions on Information Systems
bulletACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
bulletACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation
bulletACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology
bulletIEEE Transactions on Computers
bulletIEEE Transactions on Knowledge & Data Engineering
bulletIEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
bulletIEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
bulletIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
bulletIEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
bulletIEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems
bulletIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
bulletIEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
bulletVLDB Journal
bulletLNCS: Lecture Notes in Computer Science catalog


bulletTechnical Magazines:
bulletACM SIGMOD Record
bulletCommunications of the ACM
bulletIEEE Data Engineering Bulletin
bulletIEEE Concurrency (Parallel and Distributed Technology)
bulletIEEE Internet Computing
bulletIEEE Computer
bulletIEEE Software
bulletIEEE MultiMedia
bulletIEEE Computational Science and Engineering
bulletIEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
bulletIEEE Micro
bulletIEEE Expert
bulletIEEE Design and Test of Computers
bulletIEEE Annals of the History of Computing


bulletComputer Related Magazines, Publishers, and Book Stores:
bulletMorgan Kaufmann Publishers
bulletQuantum Books
bulletJava World
bulletWired Magazine
bulletByte Magazine
bulletZDNet: MacWeek, PCWeek, MacUser, Computer Shopper, PC Computing, ComputerLife
bulletCommunicationsWeek Interactive


bulletOn-Line Technical References, Manuals, and Tutorials:
bulletComputer Networking: A Top-Down Approach featuring the Internet
bulletHypertext Help with LaTeX The GNU Technical Manuals
bulletThe Linux System Administrators' Guide
bulletThe Java Tutorial and The Java API Overview
bulletIntroducing ADA
bulletCPU Info Center from Berkeley


bulletOn The Lighter Side:
bulletThe Computer Museum Network
bulletHistory of Computing: The machine that changed the world
bulletHistory of Computing: Triumph of the Nerds
bulletOut of their minds: Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists
bulletAlan Turing: The Enigma
bulletThe Virtual Museum of Computing
bulletDigiCrime: A full service criminal computer hacking organization
bulletI hate computers!
bulletSmithsonian Museum: Computer History
bulletGenerations: The Evolution of Computers
bulletThe Ada Project: Tapping Internet Resources for Women in Computer Science


bulletReferences for Computer Scientists:
bulletASCII Code
bulletA Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
bulletOn-line Dictionary of Computing
bulletConcurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems
bulletApplications of Formal Methods Database
bulletInternet Glossary of Statistical Terms
bulletStatistics: The Study of Stability in Variation


bulletUnclassified Resources:
bulletACM Student Web
bulletACM Graduate Assistantship Directory
bulletFeMiNa in Computing
bulletAutomated Discovery of Software Plagiarism