Computer Science Department
College of Arts and Sciences

Introduction to Computers
CS-101(B1) / Fall 1997

Course Overview

CS-101 is a general introduction to computers and their applications that assumes no previous knowledge of the subject. CS-101 introduces computers and their uses in the arts and sciences -- what they are, how they work, how they can be programmed, what they can and cannot do. My philosophy in teaching this section of CS-101 is to emphasize the basic concepts underlying computers and computation, and not just the know-how. This course is for people who read about such topics as VLSI or WWW and want to understand them, for people who need to have data processed on the job, and for people who see the computerization of our society and ask about the meaning of it all.

The topics covered in lectures, discussion sections, reading materials, and homework assignments could be grouped into the following four broad categories.

Relationship between Lectures, Sections, and Textbook:

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