CS101 - Discussion Sections

Meeting Times

Mon: 8-9am in MCS B23
Mon: 3-4pm in MCS B23
Wed: 5-6pm in MCS B23
Fri: 2-3pm in MCS B23
Each of the 4 discussion sections will cover roughly the same material as any of the others. If you cannot make the discussion section that you are assigned to, feel free to come to one of the other ones during the week. However, some of the discussions are crowded and it is best if you can come to one particular discussion section each week.

Lecture Notes

Here you will find stuff that relates to what was covered in a specific week's discussion sections. It is not meant as a substitute for coming to the discussion sections, but covers a subset of the same material.

Homework Hints

Here I will post copies of e-mail that responds to questions posed by students concerning homework assignments...and sometimes other relevant information.

Last updated on April 24, 1995.

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