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Science and Technology Day 2003

Tuesday, March 25
Metcalf Hall, George Sherman Union

With a record number of outstanding presentations, Science and Technology Day 2003 demonstrated the excellence of graduate student research across all the sciences, mathematics, and engineering disciplines.

To view the abstracts, click here.

Chancellor's Award: Stephen Crampton, Department of Computer Sciences, Advisor: Margrit Betke. Counting Fingers in Real Time: A Webcam-based Human-Computer Interface with Game Applications.

Provost's Award: Attila Priplata, Applied BioDynamics Lab, Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: James Collins. Enhancing Elderly Balance Control with Vibrating Insoles

Community Technology Fund Award: Sarah Tao, Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: Tejal Desai. Microfabricated Polymeric Devices for Applications in Controlled Drug Delivery.

Berman Future of Light Award: Magued Nasr, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Advisor: Bahaa Saleh. Quantum Optical Coherence Tomography with Dispersion Cancellation.

Dean's Award: CAS: Aaron Ferris, Department of Earth Science, Advisor: Geoff Abers. High Resolution Image of the Subducted Pacific Plate Beneath Central Alaska, 50-150 km depth

Dean's Award: ENG: Tyler Gore, Fangyi Chen, Marianne Nourzad, Christian Karl, Zibing Yang, and Shan Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Advisor: Allyn Hubbard. Cochlea on a Chip

Dean's Award: MED: Sushimita Lahiri, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Advisor: Karen N. Allen. Structure of the Pentacovalent Phosphorus Intermediate of an Enzyme Catalyzed Phosphate Transfer Reaction at Atomic Resolution

Dean's Award: SDM: Edit Szepessy, Molecular and Cell Biology, Advisor: Miklos Sahin-Toth. Characterization of a Novel Trypsinogen Mutant that Protects against Pancreatitis

Dean's Award: SAR: Gayle DeDe, Department of Health Sciences, Advisor: Gloria Waters. The Relationship Between Verbal Working Memory and Language Processing

Dean's Award: SPH: Michele Jara, Epidemiology, Advisor: Marianne Prout. Impact of HIV-Related Immunosupression on Invasive Cervical Cancer Risk in Women with Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions.

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4 April, 2003
Office of the Provost

Boston University