To God obedient, O Muse,
Demand no wreath, fear no abuse.
Remain to praise and slander cool,
And do not argue with a fool.
   - A.Pushkin.

Leonid Levin's home page

Look at cont.htm (in this same directory) for my contact info. Click for my old research overview , selected articles with pointers to some follow-ups, or C V.

My expository articles for non-specialists related to my research: Holographic Proofs (for Encyclopedia of Math.) and Randomness and Nondeterminism (International Congress of Math., invited addresses, 1995). A simple explanation of Robinson's aperiodic tilings (or a local copy). My Theory of Computation lecture notes.

To try to win $$ 1,000,000 by solving a problem related to my work (one of the seven "Millennium Math Problems") click here.
Some of my bio and explanations of what I am out of, can be found in this book: ,

Click to get outraged by my opinions on all sorts of things, be it democracy or quantum computers, taxes or Goedel Theorem.

The best lesson life has taught me is that the idiots in many cases are right.    -W. Churchill