Prof. Sang (“Peter”) Chin


Hi! I am a research professor in the Dept. of Computer Science & Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University, My primary appointment is with Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA., where I am a Chief Scientist - Decision Systems, and lead various research in the area of Data-to-Decision (D2D). I am also a research affiliate of Dept. of AeroAstro Engineering at MIT, from which Draper Lab started as Prof. Draper’s Laboratory 80 some years ago in 1943, and a visiting research fellow at London Institute of Mathematical Sciences. My life-time job, however, is to serve God and His purpose in my generation, and I attend Antioch Baptist Church located in Cambridge, MA.

I will be teaching an old course with a new twist (emphasis on deep learning) CS 542: Machine Learning, in the spring of 2016. (if you are currently on the wait list, please come to class on the first day of the classes to see if you can still get in...)

I can be reached:

•in person at PSY Room 230 on BU Campus;

•in person at 5100C of Duffy Bldg. at Draper Laboratory

•by phone at (617)485-8335(BU), (617)258-2058(DL)

•by e-mail at or or or (please pick an appropriate one :=))

•on line at