Computer Science Department
College of Arts and Sciences

Introduction to Computers
CS-101(B1) / Fall 1997

Getting onto CSA to check your email

To log on to CSA, you need to identify yourself to the computer system. There are two possibilities for logging in:

At this point, if the computer asks you what kind of terminal you are using, just hit the ``Return'' key. After successfully logging on, the computer may display a message from the system bulletin board, and ask you if you want to read it. For now, just type "q" and then hit ``Return'' to skip these messages. Now UNIX will display its prompt, which ends in ``%''. You can now run your email program.

Logging off CSA after you have exited your email program

Once you have exited from your email session, you are not yet done, because you are still logged on to CSA. Assuming you have nothing more to do on the computer, you must inform UNIX that you want to ``log out''. To do this, just type "logout" at the UNIX prompt. Watch that the screen goes back to the original login screen that you started with.

Created on: 1997.09.02
Updated on: 1997.09.10
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