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The Ever Changing Face (and Models) of the Internet

A very nice article in the NYT touches on many aspects of the Internet that I talked about (and will be talking about in future lectures). In particular the article highlights the importance of graph models in understanding the structure and evolution of the Internet.

Here is a quote:

Researchers have come up with a dizzying array of models to explain the consequences of the changing shape of the Internet. Some describe the interconnections of the underlying physical wires. Others analyze patterns of data flow. And still others look at abstract connections like Web page links that Google and other search engine companies analyze as part of the search process. Such models are of great interest to social scientists, who can watch how people connect with each other, and entrepreneurs, who can find new ways to profit from the Internet. They are also of increasing interest to government and law enforcement organizations trying to secure the Net and use it as a surveillance tool.

In a few weeks, we will be developing such models (and developing an understanding of their significant value).

Check the article out at: