Hiring at BUSEC

Developer for TumbleBit.

TumbleBit is a Boston University research and open source project that is building software to improve the privacy and fungibility of Bitcoin. We have a proof of concept implementation which works on Bitcoin's blockchain (on Github).

TumbleBit helps Bitcoin scale by allowing users to send fast out-of-band payments that neither take up space on the Bitcoin blockchain nor suffer from the long wait times (~10mins) required to confirm Bitcoin transactions. TumbleBit payments are sent via an untrusted intermediary, called the Tumbler. Every payment made via TumbleBit is backed by bitcoins, and comes with a guarantee that Tumbler can neither violate anonymity, nor steal bitcoins, nor "print money" by issuing payments to itself. TumbleBit is fully compatible with today's Bitcoin protocol, and provides a privacy property called unlinkability---noone, not even the Tumbler, can determine which payer paid which payee in a given run of the TumbleBit protocol. Our project roadmap is here.

We are looking to hire a full time software engineer to help make our implementation secure and production ready.

This would be a 6-12 month position, all code written would be open source and available on github.com. Email your CV/Resume to Ethan.R.Heilman@gmail.com if interested.

Fall Internships for BU undergraduates and MS students.

We are researching and building a protocol to help make Bitcoin transactions faster and safer. We are looking for a student to work as part of our team to develop a working prototype of this protocol. Must have: (1) Interest in Bitcoin. (2) Either C++ or Python experience, hopefully both. (3) Be a very careful programmer. Nice to have: (1) A background in crypto or number theory. (2) Working knowledge of Bitcoin. (3) Experience building large maintainable projects or in Test Driven Development.

Email your resume to goldbe || at || cs || bu || edu AND ethan || r || heilman || gmail || com .

All internships are paid on an hourly basis. Hours/week is negotiable. You will have a desk in the BUSEC lab.