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Contact Us

BRITE is no longer supported by its developers, but questions can be asked on the brite-users mailing list.

If you have found a bug in BRITE, please email us at brite-developers@cs.bu.edu.

If you have developed your own generation model, please email us at brite-developers@cs.bu.edu. We maintain a central repository of contributed generation models and would like to incorporate your model in future releases of BRITE.

General questions on using BRITE can be asked at brite-users@cs.bu.edu. You may choose to automatically subscribe to this list when you download BRITE. Alternatively, you may subscribe to this list by sending a blank email to brite-users-request@cs.bu.edu with the body of the email containing "subscribe" (without the quotes). You may also browse the list archives here.

For all other (no bugs here please!) inquiries, please contact the BRITE team by emailing us at brite-l@cs.bu.edu