Performance of Snoopy Caches for a synthetic N-body application

Problem Description:

This laboratory exercise will let you experiment with a simulator for a variety of Snoopy Cache Coherence protocols by running a synthetic application based on Laner Jones Simulation. The exercise will allow you change the load profile (level of data sharing) of the application interactively for a host of Snoopy Cache protocols. A telnet session for demonstration of available tools is available by logging in as "guest" (Contact Prof. Bestavros for the password.)

The Snoopy Cache Coherence Protocols differ in the number of states they allow each cache block (line) to assume and the transition relation between these states as a result of bus/cpu read/write transactions. The protocols considered in this lab are:

The Exercise:


This document has been prepared by Professor Azer Bestavros <> for CS-551, which is part of the NSF-funded undergraduate curriculum on parallel computing at BU.

Date of last update: May 22, 1994.