Operating Systems II
Spring 2007




Grading is based on:
In-class presentation(s) 15%
Semester project proposal, milestone* and final report 30%
Class projects and end of semester presentation / demonstration 45%
Class participation 10%

* The project milestone is a mid-semester report that will act as a skeleton for the final report. It should be similar to the final report with any preliminary results included, where appropriate. You should try to write your final report in the same format as the papers we will read and discuss in the course. The best papers will be selected as potential candidates for submission to conferences.

General Notes

Weekly Syllabus (subject to change)






January 16 Introduction
  • Discussion of course outline
January 18
"Systems Software Research is Irrelevant"
January 23
ULS / SafeX
  • Systems group research discussion
  • slides
January 25

  • Systems group research discussion
  • slides
Gabe Parmer

January 30
Quest / Cuckoo
Gary Wong
February 1
Programming the Garcia Robots

  • Systems group research discussion 
  • slides
Gerald Fry

February 6
Interrupt Management and Accounting
  • Systems group research discussion
  • slides
February 8
Linux Interrupts
Bovet and Cesati (Linux Kernel), Chapter 4 and Benvenuti (Linux Network Internals), Chapter 9 Raymond Sweha

February 13
Safety / Extensibility
  • slides
  • project proposals due in class
Michael Ocean
February 15
[2, 3]
Alex Smirnov

February 20

** Substitute Monday Class ** (NO CLASS)

February 22
Embedded Systems
Marianne Procopio

February 27
Resource Management
Jorge Londono
March 1
Linux Signals / IPC
Bovet and Cesati, Chapter 11
Smitha Patil

March 6
Network Services / System Extensibility
Aaron Hughes
March 8
Resource Management
Joshua Cowhig

March 13

** Spring Recess **

March 15

** Spring Recess **

March 20
Linux Synchronization and Scheduling
Bovet and Cesati, Chapters 5 and 7
Josh Avroch
March 22
Linux I/O Management

John Caldas

March 27
OS Structure: micro-kernels
Dan Berkovitch
March 29
Virtual Machines
Raymond Sweha

April 3
Virtual Machines
  • slides
Alex Smirnov
April 5

 ** No class **

April 10
  • Milestone reports due in class
  • slides
Michael Ocean
April 12
Network Services
Marianne Procopio

April 17
Resource Management
Jorge Londono
April 19
Hardware Support for OSes: Case Study of ARM, x86_64 Pacifica

Aaron Hughes

April 24
Joshua Cowhig
April 26
Linux Scheduling
Bovet and Cesati, Chapter 7
Josh Avroch

May 1

Final Project Presentations
Dan Berkovitch and Smitha Patil, Marianne Procopio, Raymond Sweha, Michael Ocean
May 3

Final Project Presentations
Josh Cowhig, Josh Avroch and John Caldas, Aaron Hughes

  1. "XFI: Software Guards for System Address Spaces", U. Erlingsson, M. Abadi, M. Vrable, M. Budiu and G. C. Necula, OSDI 2006
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