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One of our design goals was to make BRITE easy to learn and use. To this end, we built a cross platform GUI front-end to the BRITE generation engine. Although the graphical interface is written in Java, it can be used as a front-end to the C++ version without any performance loss. This is achieved by divorcing the GUI from the topology generation engine. All interaction between the GUI and the generation engine takes place through a configuration file. Once a user specifies desired parameters, the GUI generates a corresponding configuration file, GUI_GEN.conf. It then spawns a new C++ or Java process and runs the generation engine with this configuration file as input. Figure 7 illustrates this interaction between the GUI and the generation engine.

Figure 7: Interaction between GUI and BRITE Generation Engine
\begin{figure}\centerline{\psfig{figure=Figures/,height=4.5in}} \end{figure}

Alberto Medina 2001-04-12