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The command line interface

The command line interface directly invokes the BRITE generation engine. It must receive as input a configuration file, a location for an export file, and a seed file. BRITE uses pseudo-random numbers at different points during the generation process. For example, nodes are placed randomly in the plane, nodes are interconnected according to certain probability function, etc. The seed_file contains seeds to initialize the pseudo-random number generator independently each time it is required. The C++ version updates the seed file with new seeds in such a way that it can be used to generate independent topologies on subsequent runs. Also, the seed file for the current run is saved into a backup file named last_seed_file to allow reproducing topologies in different runs.

To use the command line interface, go to the BRITE directory and at the command prompt, type:

 $ brite my-config.conf my_export.brite seed-file              (C++)
 $ java Main.BRITE my_config.conf my_export.brite [seed-file]  (Java)

Alberto Medina 2001-04-12