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Configuration Files

All BRITE configuration files must begin with the BriteConfig keyword. Listing 4.1 shows a configuration file for generating an AS-level topology using the Waxman model. A BRITE configuration file is a simple Key-Value text file. A Key is an alpha-numeric string and a Value must be a numeric value. The Key and Value must be separated by a '=' character. The BeginModel and EndModel keywords are delimiters for each single-level model parameters. The '#' character serves as a comment character. The following is a sample of a single-level ASWaxman configuration file.

% latex2html id marker 477\footnotesize\begin{verbatim}Brite...
...Model\end{verbatim}\caption{Configuration file for AS Waxman Model}\end{Listing}

The Key-Value parameters are unique for each model. Suppose, for instance that we were interested in importing an NLANR file as a BRITE AS-level topology. Listing 4.2 shows a configuration file that achieves this.

% latex2html id marker 484\footnotesize\begin{verbatim}Brite...
...on{Configuration file for importing an NLANR (ASConnList)

A number of sample configuration files are included in both versions of BRITE in the conf_files/ directory.

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