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Margrit Betke, Professor, Department of Computer Science

Short Bio and Funding, Selected Papers

Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research: Biological and Biomedical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, and Assistive Technologies, in particular,
Publications: Recent publications and full list of publications, Google Scholar profile, Microsoft Academic Search profile, ACM Digital Library profile, DBLP profile.
Former Postdocs: Randa Elanwar and Zheng Wu.
Students: PhD students: Mikhail Breslav, Ajjen Joshi, Wenxin Feng, Andrew Kurauchi, Mehrnoosh Sameki, Elham Saraee. MA, UROP students: Ashutosh Sanan, Kratesh Ramrakhyani. Huy Le. Former PhD students: Danna Gurari, Diane Theriault. Student Awards.
Teaching: Artificial Intelligence (CS 440/640) in Spring 2016, Room SCI 113, Tue, Thu 12:30-2 pm
Geometric Algorithms (CS 132) in Fall 2010
Image and Video Computation (CS 585) in Fall 2015: Tue/Thu 12:30-2 pm, MCS B19
Directed Study in Image and Video Computing: CAS CS 492, GRS CS 941, or GRS CS 979, or Directed Study in AI: GRS CS 941, ongoing.
Office Hours: Spring 2016: Tue 2-3:30, Thu 3-4:30 and by appointment.
Awards: Margrit Betke was elected to Senior Member of the ACM and Senior Member of the IEEE in October 2012. She was one of two academics to win the "Top 10 Women to Watch in New England" Award in 2005. More importantly, sixteen of her student research assistants have won various awards.
In the Press: Group Behavior: BU.
Camera Mouse: Video Interview, BU, Kablenet, Belfast Telegraph, MassHighTech, Bradford Telegraph & Argus
Empathic Painting: BBC, ABC News, SydneyMH, The Hindu, DigitalWorld Tokyo, Inky, Canada TecChannel - M√ľnchen, Frontpage - Netherlands
Free Software: Camera Mouse - a program that enables a person with severe disabilities to control the mouse pointer on the computer screen just by moving the head.
Camera Canvas - image editing software developed for people with severe motor impairments who cannot use their hands to operate a mouse or keyboard. It can be used with the Camera Mouse or other mouse-replacement tools. Camera Canvas enables users to edit images and draw pictures just by moving their heads.
Animate! -- a program that enables people with disabilities to create animations of an anthropomorphic figure.
Patent: "Method and system for the detection, comparison and volumetric quantification of pulmonary nodules on medical computed tomography scans." Inventors Margrit Betke and Jane P. Ko., US Patent 7,206,462, issued on April 17, 2007.

Recent Publications:

Journal Paper:

Z. Kong, N. Fuller, S. Wang, K. Ozcimder, E. Gillam, D. Theriault, M. Betke, and J. Baillieul. Perceptual Modalities Guiding Bat Flight in a Native Habitat. Scientific Reports, June 2016. Open Access.

Z. Wu and M. Betke. "Global Optimization for Coupled Detection and Data Association in Multiple Object Tracking." Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 143:25-37, 2016. Online Article.

Conference Papers:

M. Sameki, D. Gurari, and M. Betke. "ICORD: Intelligent Collection of Redundant Data -- A Dynamic System for Crowdsourcing Cell Segmentations Accurately and Efficiently." To be presented at the CVPR Workshop on Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis (CVMI) on July 1, 2016. 10 pages.

D. Gurari, S. D. Jain, M. Betke and K. Grauman. "Pull the Plug? Predicting If Computers or Humans Should Segment Images." To be presented at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2016, Las Vegas, June 2016. 10 pages.

E. Saraee and M. Betke."Dynamic adjustment of physical exercises based on performance using the Proficio robotic arm." To be presented at the 9th Annual International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA'16), Corfu, Greece, June 2016. 8 pages.

R. S. M. Saad, R. I. Elanwar, N. S. Abdel Kader, S. Mashali, and M. Betke. "BCE-Arabic-v1 dataset: A step towards interpreting Arabic document images for people with visual impairments." To be presented at the 9th Annual International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA'16), Corfu, Greece, June 2016. 8 pages.

A. Joshi and M. Betke. "Predicting active facial expressivity in people with Parkinson's disease." To be presented at the 9th Annual International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments (PETRA'16), Corfu, Greece, June 2016. 4 pages.

A. Kurauchi, W. Feng, A. Joshi, C. Morimoto, and M. Betke. "EyeSwipe: Dwell-free Text Entry Using Gaze Paths," CHI 2016, the Annual ACM Conference of the Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI), San Jose, California, May 2016. 4 pages.

H. Le, A. Joshi and M. Betke. "b3.js: A Library for Interactive Web Data Visualizations in Virtual Reality." IEEE Virtual Reality 2016 Conference in Greenville, South Carolina, March 19-23, 2016.

M. Breslav, T. Hedrick, S. Sclaroff, and M. Betke. "Discovering Useful Parts for Pose Estimation in Sparsely Annotated Datasets." IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, WACV, Lake Placid, NY, March 7-10, 2016.

A. Kurauchi, W. Feng, C. Morimoto, and M. Betke. "HMAGIC: Head Movement And Gaze Input Cascaded Pointing," 8th International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, (PETRA), Corfu, Greece, July 1-3, 2015, 5 pages, pdf

J. Zhang, S. Ma, M. Sameki, S. Sclaroff, M. Betke, Z. Lin, X. Shen, B. Price, and R. Mech, "Salient Object Subitizing," IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (CVPR), Boston, MA, June 7-12, 2015, pages 4045-4054. Paper and poster.

Earlier Publications:

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