Azer Bestavros
Department of Computer Science
College of Arts & Sciences
Boston University

Office: 111 Cummington Street, MCS-276, Boston, MA 02215
Tel: 617.353.9726 / Fax: 617.353.6457 / Email: best


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Industrial Experience

Azer Bestavros has extensive professional consulting experience, including engagements with Sycamore Networks, Raytheon, BBN Technologies, Macromedia, Allaire, Bowne Internet Solutions, AT&T, and Charles River Analytics. He has served on the technical advisory board of many companies and venture capital funds, and acted as technology czar for a number of successful startups, including Open Sesame, Quarry Technologies, and Pivia Inc.

Dr. Bestavros was co-founder and Principal Technical Officer of Commonwealth Network Technology, Inc. a startup company based on one of Dr. Bestavros' patented technologies. CNT Inc was acquired in 1999 by WebManage Technologies Inc. of Chelmsford, MA, which in turn was acquired in 2000 by Network Appliance Inc.

Dr. Bestavros is retained by a number of law firms as a consultant on intellectual property issues. He served as expert witness on  patent infringement and validity litigations in federal court.

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