Azer Bestavros
Department of Computer Science
College of Arts & Sciences
Boston University

Office: 111 Cummington Street, MCS-276, Boston, MA 02215
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My research contributions (with students and collaborators) include pioneering the push content distribution model adopted years later by CDNs; seminal work on traffic characterization and reference locality modeling, work on various network transport, caching, and streaming media delivery protocols; work on e2e inference of network caricatures; work on adversarial exploits of system dynamics; work on game-theoretic approaches to overlay and P2P networking applications; generalization of classical rate-monotonic analysis to accommodate uncertainties in resource availability/usage; use of redundancy-injecting codes for timely access to periodic broadcasts; his work on verification of network protocol compositions, including the identification of deadlock-prone arrangements of HTTP agents; and work on virtualization services and programming environments for embedded sensor networks.

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