Margrit Betke's Object Recognition Research

Intelligent Vehicles

We have developed methods for multiple vehicle detection and tracking from a moving vehicle. Our methods include real-time analysis of highway and city traffic scenes under reduced visibility conditions. We also investigated how to evaluate the focus of attention of a driver in city traffic. The constantly changing lighting conditions made automated face analysis very challenging.

The project started at the University of Maryland, where Margrit Betke was a postdoctoral researcher, working with Larry S. Davis and Esin Haritaoglu. She later collaborated with Huan Nguyen from Boston College on some extensions of the project. Her student William Mullally eventually started a project on analyzing the face and eyes of a driver.

In these videos, each detected car is automatically annotated with a white frame. Each detected object that is potentially a car is annotated with a black frame. The linear approximations of lane markers are used to establish regions of interest for the car detector. Cars in front are detected reliably. Cars in other lanes can be detected reliably only in highway scenes or scenes with sufficient visibility. In the tunnel sequence, the apparent size of passing cars is larger than the modeled size. Passing cars are thus not detected correctly.

Relevant papers:

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