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The following are confirmed breakout sessions to be held on the afternoons of June 4th and 5th (from 2:00pm-3:30pm). Participants are encouraged to attend the breakout session that interest them most and to contact the break-out session ahead of time if they wish to have specific questions or issues to be considered or discussed. During the last session of the workshop on June 5th, each breakout session leader will be asked to make a short 10-minute presentation of the conclusions/summary of the discussions that occurred and provide a short set of recommendations to NSF (also to be included in the final workshop report to NSF).

  1. The New Internet: Goals, Testing, and Infrastructural Needs
    Lead: Henning Schulzrinne, Columbia University

  2. Urban Mesh Networks: Does Your City Mayor Want One?
    Lead: Ibrahim Matta, Boston University

  3. Supporting Sponsored Research at Minority Institutions
    Lead: Luc Longpre, University of Texas at El Paso

  4. How should we/NSF value the various publication venues in Computing?
    Lead: David Wise, Indiana University

  5. Widening the Pipeline for Underserved Populations
    Lead: Ron Leach, Howard University

  6. Best Practices in Development of National Research Resources and Testbeds
    Lead: K. Claffy, CAIDA

  7. Opportunities and Challenges of CRI support of Healthcare Applications
    Lead: Fillia Macedon, University of Texas, Arlington

Home Program Logistics Accommodations

Updated On: April 27, 2007