CS558 : Introduction to Network Security
Boston University, Computer Science, Spring, 2017

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Security News Presentation (25% of final grade)
Instructions         Link to signup sheet          Example presentations from prior years
Video from one of this year's presentations!
Class blog with this year's presentation reports!
Final Project (10% of final grade)
Instructions         Link to signup sheet          sample posters: 1   2   3   4
Blog post describing this year's poster session!

Labs (32% of final grade)
Lab1: Hashing
Lab2: miniLab: Block cipher modes of operation for encryption    miniLab data: (.zip)
Lab3: Public key crypto: Attacking RSA    lab3 data: (.zip)
Lab4: Web Security    (hint code .txt)
Lab5: Network Security

Practice Problems (ungraded)
Practice Problem 1 solution
Practice Problem 2: Integrity solution
Practice Problem 3: Passwords and TLS solution

Scribing (up to 3% of final grade)
Instructions (see syllabus)    Link to signup sheet
Scribe notes from this year!
Optional Latex template for formatting HW's and Labs

Submission Policies
Assignments must submitted as a PDF electronically through websubmit by 11:59PM on the day they are due. You may choose to hand-write your assignment and then scan it in before submitting, or you may choose to type up the assignment and then convert it to a PDF. You are encouraged to use LaTex; a template is posted above. No format other than PDF will be accepted. Please make sure the electronic version of your assignment is legible; illegible assignments will not be graded kindly.

Late lab submission. You start the semester with a credit of 3 late days. For the purpose of counting late days, a "day" is 24 hours starting at 11:59PM on the assignment's due date. Partial days are rounded up to the next full day. You are free to divide your late days among the take-home assignments (but not the final project) any way you want: submit three assignments 1 day late, submit one assignment 3 days late, etc. After your 3 days are used up, no late submissions will be accepted and you will automatically receive 0 points for each late assignment. Extra late days are not available. Every submitted assignment MUST include the following information:

  1. List of collaborators
  2. List of references used (online material, course nodes, textbooks, wikipedia, etc.)
  3. Number of late days used on this assignment
  4. Total number of late days used thus far in the entire semester
If any of this information is missing, 20% of the points for the assignment will automatically be deducted from your assignment.

Collaboration Policy
You are strongly encouraged to collaborate with one another in studying the course material. As long as it satisfies the following conditions, collaboration on the homework assignments is encouraged and will not reduce your grade: It is your responsibility to know and understand the provisions of the CAS Academic Conduct Code.