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The Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI) program, under the Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate of the National Science Foundation (NSF), supports the acquisition, development, enhancement and operation of research infrastructure that enables discovery, learning, and innovation in all computing fields supported by CISE.  The main goal of the NSF/CISE CRI program is to provide infrastructure that enables high-quality computing research and education, and which extends the set of individuals and departments that are able to conduct such activities.


The goal of the annual CRI PI meeting is to allow PIs from all CISE CRI awards to meet and discuss their results, lessons learned, and challenges in setting up their infrastructures. Also, the meeting will act as a conduit for exposing PIs of CRI awards—who tend to be leading members of their respective departments—to important development related to national computing and networking infrastructure initiatives and how to best impact and benefit from such initiatives.



Meeting AgendaNews and Updates!

[2007-05-25] Preliminary program is now posted / PDF printer-friendly version

[2007-05-22] Abstract of plenary address by Ed Lazowska posted

[2007-05-07] Report Submission is now accepted

[2007-05-07] Workshop registration is now open

[2007-05-02] Program of co-located Colloquium on Information System Security Education is up 

[2007-04-27] Abstract submissions are now accepted 

[2007-04-27] Call for contribution sent to PIs

[2007-04-15] Ed Lazowska will deliver the plenary address for CRI'07 on June 4th!

[2007-04-14] Invitation letters sent to PIs

[2007-04-01] Web site for CRI'07 goes live!


Participation and Meeting Logistics


The Computer Science Department at Boston University is hosting and handling the arrangements for the 2007 NSF/CISE CRI PI Meeting is meeting, which is for the principal investigators (PIs) of NSF/CISE infrastructure awards managed under the CRI Program. The meeting will be held in the auditorium of the Photonics Building. More information on meeting logistics (including directions) is available from the Meeting Logistics Page.


NSF will sponsor the participation of the PI (or a designate thereof from the PI's institution) from each one of the active NSF/CISE CRI grants (or the RI and MII programs subsumed by the CRI program). NSF sponsorship will allow for:

  1. The reimbursement of travel expenses to/from Boston (not to exceed the cost of standard coach fares with two-week advance ticketing), and

  2. Accommodations for up to three nights (June 3rd, 4th, and 5th) at the just completed Student Residence Towers (on-campus) at 10 Buick Street, or up to $60 per night for up to three nights if you decide to stay at one of the many local hotels (off-campus).

For more reimbursement details, please check the Reimbursement Information Page.



Register Now!Registration


Reimbursement and on-campus accommodations cannot be guaranteed if registration is done beyond Friday May 25, 2007.


To register, please follow the instructions and complete the forms available on the Workshop Registration Page.



Contribute!Technical Program


The NSF CRI'07 program has been designed to engage the PI community in a meaningful exchange along a number of thematic dimensions. It will feature the following set of sessions:

An outline of the technical program (with links to its various sessions) is available from the Technical Program Page.



Contact Information


Questions, inquiries, or suggestions regarding the technical program should be directed to:

Azer Bestavros, Professor and Chairman

Computer Science Department

Boston University

Email: best@cs.bu.edu

Questions about the meeting logistics should be directed to:

Ellen Grady, Department Administrator

Computer Science Department

Boston University

Email: grady@cs.bu.edu

Phone: (617) 353-8919

Home Program Logistics Accommodations

Updated On: April 27, 2007