NSF United-States/Middle-East Workshop On

Trustworthiness in Emerging Distributed Systems and Networks


Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey

June 4-6, 2012

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Workshop Agenda [Photos]


Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hotel Registration and Informal Meetings


Monday, June 4, 2012


Breakfast at Hotel: 07:00am -- 07:45am
Buses leave hotel to Koc University at 08:00am


Registration: 08:45am -- 9:00am


Session 1:  09:00am -- 9:45am

Introduction and Overview

Session 2: 09:45am -- 10:30am

Plenary Talk 1 [Slides]

Ken Birman (Cornell)

What are the Right Roles for Formal Methods in High Assurance Cloud Computing?

Morning Break: 10:30am -- 11:00am


Session 3: 11:00am -- 12:30pm

Plenary Talk 2 [Slides]

Peter Steenkiste (CMU)

From Architecture to Network: The eXpressive Internet Architecture


Plenary Talk 3 [Slides]

Vern Paxson (UC Berkeley)
Perspectives on Countering Internet Attacks and Disrupting Their Ecosystem

Lunch: 12:30pm -- 1:45pm (Private Dining Room at Koc University)


Session 4:  01:45pm -- 3:00pm

Plenary Talk 4

Dina Katabi (MIT)
A cross-layer approach to securing wireless communications


Overview of Cybersecurity Research at BU and Koc

Afternoon Break: 3:00 -- 3:30pm 


Session 5: 3:30 -- 5:00

Short Presentations of Participant Projects

A subset of participants will present nuggets (2-3 slides) about their organizations, programs, on-going activities, current/planned projects, etc. The purpose from this session is to facilitate "networking" throughout the workshop. Participants interested in making such presentations should contact the organizers ahead of the workshop.


  • Basheer Al-Duwairi (Jordan U of S&T, Jordan) [Slides]

  • Ahmad Al-Hammouri (Jordan U of S&T, Jordan) [Slides]

  • Sattar Sadkhan Al-Maliky (U of Babylon, Iraq) [Slides]

  • Ehab Al-Shaer (UNC, Charlotte, USA) [Slides]

  • Majid Al-Taee (U of Jordan, Jordan) [Slides]

  • Sherif Aly (American U, Cairo, Egypt) [Slides]

  • Tamer El-Batt (Cairo U and Nile U, Egypt) [Slides]

  • Amal El-Nahas (German U, Cairo, Egypt) [Slides]

  • Khaled El-Sayed (Cairo U, Egypt) [Slides]

  • Paul Ghobril (U Antonine, Lebanon) [Slides]

  • Mina Guirguis (Texas State U, USA) [Slides]

  • Khaled Harras (CMU Qatar, Qatar) [Slides]

  • Sherif Khattab (Cairo U, Egypt) [Slides]

  • Mehmet Kiraz (Tubitak Bilgem, Turkey) [Slides]

  • Albert Levi (Sabanci University, Turkey) [Slides]

  • Mohamed Mokbel (U Minnesota, USA) [Slides]

  • Samir Shaheen (Cairo U, Egypt) [Slides]

  • Moustafa Youssef (Egypt-Japan U of S&T, Egypt) [Slides]

Buses leave to Hotel at 5:15 and then from Hotel to ANAMED for dinner at 6:30pm
ANAMED is Koc University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations

Keynote by Ozalp Babaoglu: "Gossiping meets Cloud Computing: Some thoughts on achieving efficiency and full decentralization in clouds"


Buses return to hotel: 09:30pm



Day 2 / Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Breakfast at Hotel: 07:00am -- 07:45am
Buses leave hotel to Koc University at 08:00am

Sessions 6, 7, and 8 will feature a total of six panels. Each panel will consider/discuss state-of-the-art research along a specific theme. Panelists will give concrete examples of successful research and will discuss ideas for future directions and opportunities they envision. Breakout sessions on Day 2 and Day 3 will be based on these themes and participants are expected to decide by the end of session 8 on the breakout session they feel is closest to their interests.

Session 6: 09:00am -- 10:30am

09:00 -- 09:45 / Panel 1: Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing

Jeff Chase (convener)

Keith Marzullo

Amr Abbadi

Mohamed Mokbel

09:45 -- 10:30 / Panel 2: Network Measurement, Monitoring, and Testbeds

Sonia Fahmy (convener)

Basheer Al-Duwairi [Slides]

Vern Paxson

Kamil Sarac [Slides]

Zhi-Li Zhang

Morning Break: 10:30am -- 11:00am


Session 7: 11:00am -- 12:30pm

11:00 -- 11:45 / Research Panel 3: Wireless, Mobile, and Embedded Systems

Ahmed Helmy (convener)

Amal El Nahas

Sinem Ergen [Slides]

Khaled A. Harras

Moustafa Youssef

11:45 -- 12:30 / Research Panel 4: Safety-Critical, High-Assurance Software Systems

Engin Kirda (convener) [Slides]

Ken Birman

Assaf Kfoury

Ramy Melhem [Slides]

 Lunch: 12:30pm -- 01:30pm (Private Dining Room at Koc University)

Introduction to federated Internet identities by Ken Klingenstein [Slides]


Session 8: 01:30pm -- 03:00pm

01:30 -- 02:15 / Research Panel 5: Security and Privacy of Information Systems

Gene Tsudik (convener) [Slides]

Ken Klingenstein [Slides]

Ehab Al-Shaer [Slides]

Alptekin Kupcu [Slides]

Albert Levi [Slides]
Di Ma [Slides]

02:15 -- 03:00 / Research Panel 6: Future Internet Architectures

Zhi-Li Zhang (convener)

Jeff Chase

Sonia Fahmy

George Kesidis [Slides]

Taieb Znati

Afternoon Break: 03:00pm -- 03:30pm (Coffee/Refreshment)


Session 9: 03:30pm -- 05:00pm

Parallel Breakout Sessions

For each one of the six themes identified in Sessions 6, 7, and 8, the moderator, the set of panelists, and all other participants interested in the theme will meet in a separate room to have Q&A discussions, entertain ideas for interesting projects, seek feedback on such ideas from members of the breakout group, and discuss possible follow-up activities to be pursued along the theme of interest. The moderator will be responsible for reporting the make-up of the breakout groups and results of the discussions back to the organizers.

Buses leave to off-site networking event and gala dinner: 05:30pm


Buses return to hotel: 09:30pm



Day 3 / Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Breakfast at Hotel: 07:00am -- 07:45am

Buses leave hotel to Koc University at 08:00am


Session 10: 9:00am -- 10:30am

Parallel Breakout Sessions (continued)

Building on the discussions in Session 9, each breakout group is expected to identify two or three concrete examples of follow-up activities that would be shared with the entire workshop attendees by a designated presenter during Sessions 12 and 13.

Morning Break: 10:30am -- 11:00am


Session 11: 11:00am -- 12:30pm

Plenary Discussion of Collaboration Issues
Best practices and experiences, opportunities and programs, as well as hurdles to collaboration will be presented by panelists and discussed with participants. Participants are encouraged to communicate issues and perceived hurdles with organizers and/or the panelists ahead of this session.

Ty Znati (convener)

Reem Bahgat

Keith Marzullo

Mohamed Mokbel

Murat Tekalp

Lunch: 12:30pm -- 01:30pm (Private Dining Room at Koc University)

Sessions 12 and 13 will feature pairs or groups of researchers who will present ideas for collaborations that have been developed at the breakout sessions. Nuggets from such potential collaborations will be included as part of the final workshop report.

Session 12: 01:30pm -- 03:00pm

Potential Collaborative Ideas and Activities

Moderator: Azer Bestavros

Afternoon Break: 03:00pm -- 03:30pm (Coffee/Refreshment)


Session 13: 03:30pm -- 05:00pm

Potential Collaborative Ideas and Activities

Moderator: Oznur Ozkasap

  • Breakout group on Security and Privacy [Slides]

Session 14: 05:00pm -- 05:15pm

Wrap-Up (Azer Bestavros and Oznur Ozkasap)


Buses leave 05:30pm for dinner at Alimento Fish restaurant

Participants whose travel plans allow them to stay for dinner are encouraged to attend to discuss follow-up activities.


Buses return to hotel: 08:00pm

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